Pyramid To Be Explored By Robots

The ancient pyramids of Egypt still hold a lot of secrets. Despite years and years of research and exploration, there are still many mysteries that lie behind the pyramids, most notably inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Researchers are now seeking the help of robots in order to seek light to some of the hidden […]

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UFO and Religion

While even ufologists are piecing together the facts surrounding unidentified flying objects, some people believe the UFOs are vehicles ridden by extraterrestrials living in civilizations that humans can–or will become–part of. These believers even equate UFO occupants with gods or other semi-diving beings. Combining UFOs and religion existed since the early 20th Century with the […]

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The Global Aflockalypse of 2011

It was New Year’s Day of 2011 when residents of Beebe, Arkansas, witnessed a shock of their lives. Thousands of blackbirds found dead and no one knows why. All of them suffered from blunt internal trauma, as if they were hit with something. Some people speculated that it could be the weather, with the stormy […]

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The Old Hag Syndrome Paralyzed in Sleep

Have you ever woken up from sleep and found yourself unable to move? As if a heavy object was resting on your chest? You had difficulty breathing, you tried to speak out but nothing came out of your throat, you began to sense something evil lurking in your room. You are most likely attacked by […]

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Chupacabra Mystery Solved or is it

Two weeks ago, news erupted about a hairless animal shot by a hunter in Kentucky, which many say could be the mysterious chupacabra. After rounds of testing, officials at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife declared the animal as a hairless raccoon. The chupacabra, which in Spanish literally means “goat sucker,” has been a […]

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