Mysterious Crystal Skull

Crystal skulls have become quite a focus of mystery and intrigue among various anthropologists and avid hobbyists who follow its story. Crystal skulls refer to those mysterious ancient human skull carvings made out of clear or milky quartz rock. The legend of the crystal skulls became quite known with stories that tell of their mystical powers.

Crystal Skull History

Some believe that the crystal skull artifacts may have its origins from pre-Columbian Mesoamerican history. Some are being attributed to the Aztecs or the Mayans although none of the so-called artifacts in existence came from documented excavations from such sites. None of the artifacts have yet been studied or analyzed whether they do come from such origins. There are probably crystal skull artifacts held by different museums that still have vague origins. Few have become quite famous despite their somewhat dubious claims.

Mitchell-Hedges Skull

One of the more popular of the crystal skulls has been the one discovered by Anna Le Guillon Mitchell-Hedges, a daughter of a famed British adventurer and author. This crystal skull was said to have been discovered in 1924 buried in a collapsed altar in a temple in Belize. The owner of the skull have refused to submit the skull for extensive testing through the years, making it quite impossible to determine its authenticity.

British Museum Skull

Another famous crystal skull was one owned currently by the British Museum. This crystal skull first appeared in the shop of Eugene Boban in 1881. It has changed hands several times until it finally got into the ownership of the British Museum. The skull looks similar to the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, only less detailed and does not have a movable jaw. The museum has described the skull as to be of 19th century European origins and not as a pre-Columbian artifact. Testings on the skull showed that it may have been made using modern tools.

Paranormal Claims

Certain groups, particularly those from the New Age movement, believe the crystal skulls to hold mysterious powers. Claims exist that they can produce a variety of miracles. Some claim the skulls to be relics from Atlantis. They are said to have been used by the ancient Mayans for certain rituals although existing ancient documents have so far yielded anything that has associated this claim.
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