UFO and Religion

While even ufologists are piecing together the facts surrounding unidentified flying objects, some people believe the UFOs are vehicles ridden by extraterrestrials living in civilizations that humans can–or will become–part of. These believers even equate UFO occupants with gods or other semi-diving beings.

Combining UFOs and religion existed since the early 20th Century with the creation of different groups that worship extraterrestrial beings or at least glorifying UFO occupants as well as its civilizations, technologies, and spirituality, believing that they will help humans overcome (or even resolve) the world’s problems. UFO religions are commonly found in technologically advanced societies.

Among the largest UFO religions include Ralism and Scientology. The former, founded in 1974, believes that life on Earth was created by a species of aliens who appeared human and are usually mistaken for angels or even gods. Its members are prohibited from using recreational drugs, tobacco, and coffee, as well as limited alcohol consumption to moderate. The Ralians also have liberal views of sexuality.

Scientology, meanwhile, was established in 1952. Its members believe that all humans (or thetans as they call them) have lived in countless past lives, including lives in ancient advanced extraterrestrial societies. When they die, thetans go on a landing station located on the planet Venus, where they are reprogrammed to forget their previous lifetimes. After which, they are sent back to Earth where they are supposed to search for new bodies to inhabit.

A number of UFO religions are associated with doomsday cults, wherein its members eventually commit mass suicides in an effort to join the aliens they worship or become part of an extraterrestrial civilization.
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